About Ruth Chiles


Ruth Chiles works with professional musicians, premier and international league sports clubs, professional dancers, gymnasts, basketball players, skiers and track athletes. She has enabled them to resolve their Focal Dystonia and other performance blocks. They have recovered their professional careers, as well as reaching new levels of performance.

She does so based on nearly 30 years of formation in and experience with leading edge neuroplasticity and neurogenesis techniques. In this way, she enables her clients to:

  1. Overcome their performance blocks.
  2. Develop high level psycho-emotional Flow States.
  3. To perfect their technique and fine motor skills through her Accelerated Learning method.

Nearly 30 years ago she was one of the first people to develop Coaching in London and since that time she has been a pioneer in Peak Performance and the blocks that musicians, dancers and athletes suffer from.

She has created her own method which gives high level results.

From her wide and deep experience as well as successfully working with Peak Performance she is specialized in curing the YIPs also known as Focal Dystonia.

Summary of Ruth´s professional trajectory

● 1990 – 1995: Strategic Consultant & Performance Coach Lloyds Bank

● 1995 – 2000: Executive Performance Coach & Strategic Consultant Industrial Society (Work Foundation)

 ● 2000 – Actual: Director of her own Peak Performance Consultancy, as well as her private clients, her projects have included:

→ Feb – Jul 2013: Responsible for creating & directing the Training Department Northgate Arinso

→ 2014 – 2015: Performance Coach & Lecturer: Lecturers Innovation and Best Practice Program University of Granada 

→ 2017– 2018: Lecturer in Art Therapy Masters Business Foundation, University of Granada

→ 2017 – 2018: Peak Performance Consultant Coviran Granada Basketball Team 

→ 2017 – 2019: Peak Performance Consultant Unicaja Málaga, Basketball Team 

→ 2018 – actual: Lecturer Consultant Victoria Eugenia Superior Music Conservatory of Granada