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Ruth is a unique, highly experienced and brilliant Performance Coach who enables her clients to achieve their dreams.



Program description - Performance Coaching for Basketball Players

You have the chance to work with Ruth to prepare your season and during the whole season with weekly video conference sessions.

She uses leading edge Coaching tools and processes, NLP (Neuro-Ligüistic Programming), trance states, Accelerated Learning, Brainspotting…

This program is for highly ambitious players who:

  1. Want to get to the top.
  2. Are willing to do what it takes.
  3. Are willing to follow the completely proven guidelines, steps and techniques that the Program includes.




  1. Goals. Become clear and completely passionate about your potential and your goals for each of the next 3 seasons.
  2. States. Dominate the key Peak Performance Psycho-emotional states, in the game, such as “the Zone”, unstoppability, focus, being able to control time and space…
  3. Motivation and excitement in your discipline, commitment and persistence with a methodological practice.
  4. Releasing blocks, limiting beliefs and if necessary reset the nervous system.
  5. Team abilities to create instant synergy, charisma and to gain the trust of the team, the coaches and the public.
  6. Skills analysis and development plan. We will analyse videos of your games in the previous season and during the whole season to accompany you in realising a quantum leap in your skills, speed and accuracy in both offense and defense.
  7. Accelerated Learning. Learn leading edge techniques to accelerate your skills development and be able to learn the inspiring world class skills of your heroes.
  8. Physical awareness. Improve your holistic physical awareness to reach your Physical Peak Performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  9. Judgment. Improve your snap judgment to make the best decisions during the game. Expand your creativity to be breathtaking on the court.

Client Achievements

I know how to direct myself towards my best performance.
I have made important improvements in my game
I have overcome important blocks to my best performance.
I know how to continue improving my game.
The results of her last 12 hour program: 

Points per minute: 7% increase

Shooting accuracy 2 points: before 50% after 56%

Free throw accuracy: before 65% after 84%


About Ruth Chiles

She is a pioneer in Coaching and a unique professional who has a great talent with people and with getting the job done to create great results!

25 years ago she was one of the first people to develop Executive Coaching in London in her role as a Strategic Management Consultant. She has developed her own Coaching and Consultancy Methodology which provide an especially high level of results.

Her clients have included: Sports people - basketball players, artistic gymnasts, athletes, marathon runners, Musicians - concert pianists, singers (she respects the complete anonymity of her sports and artistic clients), Corporate - Invesco Perpetual, Axa, Iveco Ford, City of Westminster... 

 - 1990 – 2000: Manager, Strategic Consultant and Coach Lloyds Bank

 - 1995 – 2000: Executive Coach and Strategic Consultant Industrial Society (Work Foundation)

 - 2000 – Actual: Director Ruth Chiles Coaching Consultancy her projects have included:

 - 2013: Responsible for the creation and leadership of Training Department Northgate Arinso

 - 2014 – 2015: Coach and lecturer in Program for Innovation and Best Practices for University Lecturers University of Granada

 - 2016 - 2017: Masters Lecturer Business Foundation University of Granada

 - 2017: Performance Coach Coviran Granada, Basketball Team

- Actual: Performance Coach Unicaja Málaga, Basketball Team