Your Inner Speed

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The Positive Effect of Slowing Down the Speed of your Inner Process Neuroscience for Peak Performance – Chapter 5   Most athletes have never stopped to consider that the speed of their internal mental processes is independent from the speed of what is occurring around them or the speed with which their body needs to move. […]

The internal base

The Internal Base

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The Source of Excellent Results Neuroscience for Peak Performance – Chapter 4 The Internal Base is a psycho-emotional state that is rooted in the body. It is the foundation of all other Peak Performance psycho-emotional states. Over the summer I had been working with Iván to develop and strengthen his Internal Base to improve his […]

Master the Inner Game of Basketball

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. Every sports person knows that what goes on inside governs what happens outside. This is the inner game of basketball. However, nearly all basketball players and coaches train from the outside in. This is no surprise as it is the common knowledge and the way that they have learned to train. The research and […]