Some Case Studies From my Clinic

(The names have been changed to respect anonymity of my clients).


Joe came to me for help with a long-term depression which had become much more severe. He felt increasingly insecure in himself, was suffering from insomnia and found it each day more difficult to face certain situations in his life. He felt an almost constant anguish as a pressure in his chest, accelerated heart rate and deep tension in the pit of his stomach.

As a result of weekly sessions, over a 3 month period he was able to come to peace with the difficult relationship that he had had with his aggressive father during his childhood and the overprotective relationship with his mother as well as a recent bullying that he had received at work.

As with almost all of my clientes, before coming to my office, he didn´t know what was causing his depression, anxiety, insecurities... he was still kidnapped by these adverse childhood experiences.

After our work together, he was in peace with them and it became clear to him the negative effect they had had on him during his whole life.

For me it was deeply satisfying see the joy return to him and how after a couple of months of sessions how he would enter into my office like a ray of sunshine.

He is now wonderfully relaxed person and has a great joy for life. Every day he feels more confident and over the last few months has met a new partner and has been building a strong, stable and satisfying relationship.

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Julia arrived at my office with extreme anxiety for which she was on long-term sick leave from her work. The anxiety was accompanied by a number of physical problems such as migraines, very low energy levels and crippling pains in her neck, shoulders and chest.

This has been one of the longest processes that I have worked with. Over 4 ½ months we have patiently worked through and found resolution with her long history of childhood abuse as well as a serious car accident. In addition she had received long periods of bullying at work which required resolution.

Each step of the way it was as if we were leaving the past in the past. She had the response that I have witnessed so many times in the work to be able to look at past and previously painful experiences in the eye and realize that the emotional impact that they once had had dissolved into peace and understanding.

We now continue to work building a new life full of interests and work projects that are inspiring to her and which fill her with energy and purpose.


Mary asked me to help her with her invasive fears and insecurities. She had a sense that everyone was trying to trick her and she was having to handle a very difficult family situation involving the care of her elderly parents. She felt unable to deal with the situation.

In the sessions it was as if she returned to her whole childhood as a neutral witness. She saw the brutality of her father, the mental illness of her mother and the effect that this had on the relationship between her and her sisters, She also touched on certain continuous events of her childhood that had left her humiliated and feeling unworthy.

As her brain naturally resolved and released these unconscious issues they lost strength within her. She became between each session more and more radiant, youthful and beautiful.

As a result of the sessions she has begun to dance, has changed her work and left behind an unsatisfactory relationship that never seemed to blossom. She has been able to resolve the family difficulties and has a great sense of freedom to build a joyful life.


When John phoned me to ask for an appointment, he described himself as being in a deep hole without being able to find a way out.

In our first session he explained that he was suffering from a number of obsessions, including an obsession with his ex-partner, he also felt tremendously depressed, and had feelings of being to blame for everything unpleasant or difficult that happened to the people closest to him.

We worked step-by-step on each of these themes, each week over 2 months.

He was able to see clearly the unhealthy patterns in his previous relationship and let it go.

He resolved the psychological abuse that he had suffered at the hands of his father and the manipulative behaviour and demands of his mother.

As a result he came to a place of peace where he can look at his past, just as it had been and feel that it was something that happened, feel calm and loving towards himself and know that it no longer exerts power over him.

He has a new joy for life and sense of freedom to celebrate who he is and live his life for himself. He finds it relatively easy to mark limits with others and to follow his joy.