Peak Performance


With almost 30 years of experience of working with neuroplasticity and neurogenesis techniques, Ruth works with her clients to directly change the neural networks in the deep brain.

Recent scientific discoveries have proved the brain to be highly plastic. Far more so than was previously thought. This means that with the use of the right techniques and tools we can directly influence performance in sports, music and performing arts.

Moreover, the key is the recognition that the areas of the brain that execute this performance are the deep brain (midbrain and brainstem). These areas are almost entirely involuntary and far beyond our conscious control. This means that the high-level functions of consious thought and planning and the internal dialogue that we use to give ourselves instructions, in reality, have very little impact on performance.For this reason Ruth Chiles has developed a unique methodolgy to directly and positively build the necessary connections in the deep brain to specifically enhance the performance of her clients.

Ruth Chiles´ Peak Performance Methodology

Her methodology focusses on 3 key areas:
1. Resolve Interferences

Over their lifetime musicians, athletes and performing artists build into their deep brain many layered and complex limitations to their performance. They come from the interrelationship between their psychological and emotional states and the direct relationship that they have on basic posture, muscle tensions and movement.

Therefore, in this part of the methodology Ruth focusses on enabling her clients to rewire all the past experiences that are interfering with their muscle tone and coordination so that their movements become free and unhihibited.

 2. Develop High Level Flow States

On the positive developmental side, Ruth shows her clients how to develop and master the range of high level Flow States that are necessary for their sport or art. Whilst these states are specific to each athlete or artists, here is a list of the key states:

-The base Flow state

-Superior presence and focus.

-Physical awareness, emotional expression and physical relaxation in movement.

-Slow inner speed to improve judgment and accelerate physical speed.

-Creating a broad visual and sense awareness.

-Synergy and braincoupling with the team, group, ensemble, troupe, company...

 3. Accelerated Learning to Perfect Complex Skills

One of the key differences that separates Peak Performance from all other levels of performance is that the musician, athlete or performing artist possesses a wider range of technical skills than the rest.

Therefore, Ruth focusses on expanding the technical skills of her clients. She works with them to develop new skills one at a time and uses Accelerated Learning to remarkable increase the learning process. The skills that each client needs are completely unique depending on their sport, instrument, style of music, type of performance... She will frequently work hand-in-hand with the clients director, teacher, coach, conductor...

You can see this methodology in action in the documented process with the basketball player Iván Martínez: Applied Neuroscience for Peak Performance